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Part 7

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While a number of California companies produced wet barrel fire hydrants from the in the period ranging from the mid-1800s up until World War II, three companies were major producers. They were M. Greenberg's Sons, Long Beach Iron Works and United Iron Works. (M. Greenburg is covered in the section, The Frenchman & the Shipwreck.)

Long Beach Iron Works
Long Beach, CA

The earliest LBIW hydrants that we have seen were "LA Sleeve" type hydrants which were produced back in the 1940s. LBIW produced a number of very modern hydrants in the 1970s and beyond as well as some modern versions of more traditional looking hydrants.

This 1973 Model 631 hydrant is a modern version of the traditional style.

In California systems using reclaimed water are increasing in popularity. The purple body complies with the OSHA color rule for non-potable water sources.

More LBIW hydrants will be displayed when restored.

Here is a view of the classic Long Beach "L"


Grooved stem guide unique to LBIW.


Clow Valve Co

In 1996, the water works division of Long Beach Iron Works was purchased by Clow Valve Co. of Oskaloosa, IA. Clow continued to manufacture wet barrel hydrants and buries using overseas foundries.
This is the Clow Model 5, Clow's wet barrel pumper hydrant based on the "East Bay" design.

This is a 1998 model placed in service in Contra Costa County, CA which was retired in 2000 after being damaged in a vehicle accident.


United Iron Works
Oakland, CA

We don't have the full history of United Iron Works, but they were a significant hydrant producer from the late 1800s until at least the late 1930s. United produced both early model "flange heads" as well as "mushroom heads." The earlier hydrants are shown here. The later model mushroom heads can be seen by clicking HERE.
Here is a basic "California Hydrant" modeled after Morris Greenberg's design.

This hydrant was installed by the Oakland Fire Department in the late 1800s and was in service for over 100 years until 2000.

Water company names and other relevant data were often inscribed onto the bonnets of these early hydrants.

0623b- Top View
This is a classic "low profile" 2-outlet hydrant installed by the People's Water Co. around 1910. It was also patterned after the Greenberg design. At only 22" high, the base flange would have to be set pretty high in order to turn a spanner on the lower valve.

It was removed from service in 2000.

0630- Top View

Here is a tall version of the "California Hydrant."

This hydrant saw service in Richmond, CA from the turn of the century until 2000.

Here is a sample of United's most prolific "pumper" hydrant. manufactured from around 1910 until the early 1930s, they are still seen in many industrial and mercantile areas in the Bay Area.

This particular hydrant was removed from service in 2000.


More hydrants are being restored

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