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Part 8

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In the mid 1960s wet barrel designs improved. Castings and valve assemblies became more hydraulically efficient. The design of moving parts inproved also with better lubrication and o-rings replacing the 100 year old practice of sealing the valve stems with graphite rope packing.

In this section we will showcase some of the newer wet barrel designs produced by various manufacturers.

Clow Valve Co
Oskaloosa, IA.

Clow isn't an original "western" manufacturer, however in the 1980s and 1990s Clow bought out Long Beach Iron Works, Rich Valve Co. and M. Greenberg's Sons, Inc. Clow continues to manufacture wet barrel hydrants and buries using overseas foundries.

This is the Clow Model 5, Clow's wet barrel pumper hydrant based on the "East Bay" design.

This is a 1998 model placed in service in Contra Costa County, CA which was retired in 2000 after being damaged in a vehicle accident.

This is the Clow Model 850, Clow's "bargain basement" wet barrel hydrant.

It is small and light weight, but is an affordable alternative for communities that don't have a great deal of money available to spend on hydrants. This specimen was came from Alameda County, CA and was cast in 1991.


Rich Manufacturing Co.
Corona, CA

Rich Manufacturing (later bought out by Clow) made a number of wet barrel styles. This hydrant is the EBMUD spec. It is a double 2" hydrant which was commonly used as a replacement hydrant on older 4" mains. (Otherwise, ordinarily a "pumper" hydrant would be installed as a new replacement.)

EBMUD "Bug" on Bonnet

More Rich hydrants will be presented when they are restored.

Long Beach Iron Works
Long Beach, CA

The earliest LBIW hydrants that we have seen were "LA Sleeve" type hydrants which were produced back in the 1940s. LBIW produced a number of very modern hydrants in the 1970s and beyond as well as some modern versions of more traditional looking hydrants.

This 1973 Model 631 hydrant is a modern version of the traditional style.

In California systems using reclaimed water are increasing in popularity. The purple body complies with the OSHA color rule for non-potable water sources.

Clow Valve purchased LBIW in 1996.

Here is a view of the classic Long Beach "L"


Grooved stem guide unique to LBIW.


Galten, Denmark

Aage V. Kjaers Maskinfabrik, A/S (AVK) also produces hydrants that are found in California.

This specimen is a Model 24-71. The unusual caps are of a "tamper resistant" design for use in areas where kids often open hydrants in order to play in the water. The caps cannot be opened with a spanner or pipe wrench.


Another view of the caps.

More hydrants are being restored

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