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It may be surprising to some, but people actually collect fire hydrants. Below are links to photo pages of hydrant collections, and within these pages are found a variety of ideas and the motivations on which people base their hydrant interests. As you view these various collection pages you will note that some people are content with one hydrant while others have created very large private museum collections of 100 hydrants or more! One important aspect common to all of these, however, is the historic preservation of hydrants, whether intended or not. Historically significant and removed-from-service hydrants have typically been melted down as scrap. Hydrant collecting, therefore, has become the primary means by which this part of fire service history can be preserved. As a bonus, it is just plain fun.

Click for a compilation of Restoration Tips.

Click for a photo feature of the Restoration of a rare Mellert Hydrant by Ralph Bascelli.

Follow the links below to each collector's page and see what's in store. If you have a hydrant or hydrant collection, Email Us.

The collections are grouped below by size and within each group they are alphabetized by last name from left to right. It should be noted that individuals may have more hydrants than shown on their collection page. Please also note that collection "size" does not take into account any measure of hydrant vintage, rarity, or level of restoration.

Collections of 100 or more Hydrants
  • John Anderson
  • Ed Masminster
  • Jack Selvey

  • Collections of 10 - 99 Hydrants
  • Michael Avila
  • Jason Cherry
  • Tom Cooper
  • Bob Dunn
  • Bill Houston
  • Willis Lamm
  • Canadian Hydrant Museum
  • Steve Parmley
  • Steve Powell
  • Claude Belshe
  • Dave Raupach
  • Mark Peterson
  • Dick Mills
  • Steven Groves
  • Gary Portelance
  • Tony Flandrich
  • Dan Gilmore

  • Collections of 3 - 9 Hydrants
  • Ralph Bascelli
  • Hank Bergson
  • Shane Bullock
  • Jim Cunnien
  • Ed Frey
  • Robert Frye
  • Bob Green
  • Greenville Texas FD
  • Denny Hansen
  • Paul Hansen
  • Duane Hildebrand
  • Rick Knife
  • John Meola
  • Lee Needler
  • Mark Pandanell
  • Pete Giambalvo
  • Ken Soderbeck
  • Quentin Tilman
  • Eddie Walden

  • 1 - 2 Hydrants
  • Steve Ahlwardt
  • Baldwin Fire Dept
  • Michael & Tracey Byrd
  • Stuart Craw
  • Martin Duchesne
  • Kendall Edge
  • Aaron Hardy
  • Erkki Kauranen
  • Stan Landry
  • Duane H. Mallast
  • Nancy & Walker Mangum
  • David Moore
  • Darren Peets
  • Sherri Prue
  • Richland Center Water Dept
  • Norm Risk
  • Jon Szpakowski
  • Mike Taylor
  • Tippy Two
  • Toronto resident
  • Brian Voss
  • Pamela Williams
  • Harry Wilson
  • Barry Latoszewski
  • Todd Fenwick
  • Jari M
  • Markus Aalto

  • Locations, if known, of collectors with 3 or more hydrants
  • Hold the mouse arrow over the black state/province abbreviation to display names of collectors in that state/province.
  • Hold the mouse arrow/hand over any red spot on the map to display the name of the collector in that location. Clicking on this spot brings up that person's collection page. The California collectors are Mike Avila, Tom Cooper, Willis Lamm, & Steve Parmley Mike Avila Tom Cooper Willis Lamm Steve Parmley The Washington collector is Dick Mills Dick Mills The Utah collector is Eddie Walden Eddie Walden The Texas collector is Mark Pandanell Mark Pandanell The Minnesota collector is Bob Dunn Bob Dunn The Missouri collector is Shane Bullock Shane Bullock The Indiana collector is Mark Peterson Mark Peterson The Arkansas collector is Jason Cherry Jason Cherry The Wisconsin collectors are John Anderson and Jim Cunnien John Anderson Jim Cunnien The Michigan collector is Ken Soderbeck Ken Soderbeck The Tennessee collector is Robert Frye Robert Frye The Ohio collectors are Bill Houston, Rick Knife, Ed Masminster, Steve Powell, & Jack Selvey Bill Houston Rick Knife Ed Masminster Steve Powell Jack Selvey The Pennsylvania collectors are Ed Frye, Lee Needler, & Dave Raupach Ed Frye Lee Needler Dave Raupach The North Carolina collector is Quentin Tilman Quentin Tilman The Virginia collectors are Ethan Kennedy & John Meola Ethan Kennedy John Meola The Ontario collector is Stuart Niven Stuart Niven

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