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Part 2

All hydrants restored by and pictures Copyright © 2000, Willis Lamm.

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(These early companies later became part of EBMUD)

Contra Costa Water Company
Oakland, CA

The CCWC was organized in 1866 to provide water to Contra Costa Village (later named Oakland) and other nearby communities. It eventually absorbed four younger water companies that appeared around the turn of the century.

This early Greenberg Model 74 was placed in service around 1907. The gussets under the bonnet flange appeared about that time and CCWC went out of existence in 1907.

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Syndicate Water Company
Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond,
San Pablo, CA

Syndicate Water Company, formed in 1906, bought out the stock of the Richmond Water Co. and drilled new wells in San Pablo. In 1907 it was absorbed by Peoples Water Co.

This early United hydrant was placed in service around 1906. This hydrant was in service in San Pablo and was removed in 2000.

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Peoples Water Company
Oakland, CA

In 1906 the Peoples Water Company was formed and absorbed the Contra Costa Water Company. In 1907 Peoples absorbed the Syndicate Water Company and Richmond Water Company, becoming the largest water company in the East B, serving customers from Richmond to south Oakland.

This Greenberg Model 71 was cast prior to 1910 and sports a 1" plug in the bonnet where a street washer was originally installed.

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Oakland F.D.

Until the East Bay Water Company was created, Oakland was served by several water companies. Some companies provided fire hydrants. Other companies required the fire department to provide the hydrants. Here is an example of a hydrant installed by the Oakland Fire Department just before the turn of the century.

Oakland typically purchased hydrants from the United Iron Works foundry in Oakland. This model, made prior to 1900, has Oakland F.D. cast onto the bonnet. It was removed in 2000 after more than 100 years of service.

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