Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works - Portland, OR
Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works manufactured a frost jacket hydrant that could be the Waterous design's twin but for a few details. The barrel is fluted rather than having flat facets. Like Waterous hydrants of similar design, these have no dates on them. Wolff & Zwicker was only in business for about 15 years. A firm of machinists called "Trenkmann & Wolff" existed in Portland until about 1888, then that company disappeared and "Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works" shows up. Wolff & Zwicker was in business until about 1902, when they were replaced by Phoenix Iron Works; both of which are discussed on the Portland, Oregon City Spec page.

The two hydrants shown below differ only in bonnet style.
  • #1804 has a shorter unmarked bonnet
  • #2271 has a taller, fluted bonnet with company embossing
  • 1804
    Nozzles: 2x 2"
    Size: ~4" V.O.
    Dated: ??
    Pat. Dates: ??
    Location: Portland, OR
    Photo: © A. McMillen
    Nozzles: 2x 2"
    Size: ~4" V.O.
    Embossing closeups: front, back, bonnet
    Location: Jeff K. collection
    Photo: © 2004, J. Kaminski

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