VAG-Armaturen GmbH - Bopp & Reuther GmbH
Mannheim Germany

VAG Armaturen is the exclusive marketing arm of Bopp & Reuther Armaturen GmbH. The companies are based in Mannheim, Germany, and trace their roots to the founders Carl Reuther and Carl Bopp, who opened their first factory in 1872 for the manufacture of heavy pumps and waterworks equipment. The VAG product line today includes 2 basic lines of fire hydrants, the Nova 284 and the Nova 1885.

The Nova 1885 is of special interest in that it is a modern reproduction of a Bopp & Reuther design from the year 1885. It is a wonderfully ornate "Altstadthydrant" which would fit in nicely with historic preservation districts, maybe the one in your town...

Below are photographs of older models of VAG hydrants, currently unidentified as to the model designations...

Location: Freidburg, Germany
Notes: Photo: Copyright © 1999, John Anderson
Notes: Photo Copyright © 2001 Andreas Kuehl
Feuerwehr Friedrichsgabe

VAG-Armaturen GmbH

Address: Alte Frankfurter Straße 23, D-68305 Mannheim GERMANY
Tel. +49-621-7503-0   Fax. +49-621-7503-153

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