Vazhod J.S.C. - Popovo, Bulgaria

Vazhod J.S.C. was established in 1947 and is the only Bulgarian manufacturer of cast iron industrial valves. Their product line includes gate-valves and other valves for steam, water, ammonia, etc., check valves, filters, and as shown here, fire hydrants. Vazhod J.S.C. is certified ISO 9001, and manufacture their products in their own foundry.

For information about Vazhod hydrants and other products contact the Vazhod J.S.C. Website.

  Series 660 Above Ground Hydrant
Identifying Characteristics: Dry barrel type hydrant with a one piece barrel.
  • Twin outlets are 180 degrees apart and angled downward per European practice.

  • 1979
    Model: Series 660
    Nozzles: 2x 65mm
    Mainvalve Diameter: 80mm
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    Address : Popovo 7800, BULGARIA
    Tel. (+359 608) 3654 Fax. (+359 608) 6080

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