Union Hydraulic Works - Philadelphia, PA
I. S. Cassin & Co. - Philadelphia, PA
J. Thompson & Co. - Philadelphia, PA
We know very little about the three companies listed above. From this 1888 advertisement we know that Union Hydraulic Works and I.S. Cassin & Co. were associated with each other but we do not know what that business relationship was. And from the similar 1909 advertisement we see that by that year J. Thompson & Co. replaced I.S. Cassin & Co. as being associated with Union Hydraulic Works.

Quoting from an obituary of Mr. I.S. Cassin we know the following about him:
Isaac S. Cassin was educated at the famous Friends’school at Westown and under private tutors, and early manifested a talent for mechanics. He served an apprenticeship with Messrs. I. P. Morris & Co., of Philadelphia, and subsequently became, successively, engineer of the Spring Garden Water Works, of Philadelphia Gas Works, Chief Engineer of the Philadelphia Water Works, and chief engineer of the United States Mint in Philadlephia. Relinquishing for a time public office. Mr. Cassin reorganized the UNION HYDRAULIC WORKS, and was one of the most eminent water and gas engineers in the country, having built not less than fifty water works in prominent cities throughout the country.

As documented below fire hydrants have been found embossed with either I.S. CASSIN & CO. or J. THOMPSON & CO.; but none with UNION HYDRAULIC WORKS embossing.

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  early model
This early model has the manufacturer embossing on the side of the barrel. Examples have been found with I.S. CASSIN & CO. embossing as well as the later J. THOMPSON & CO.embossing; and are indicated below with each hydrant.
  • offered either with or without a frost jacket
  • 1 pc. barrel with bonnet cast integral
  • (barrel O.D. listed below measured immediately below the ground line O.D. rib)
  • 2170
    J. Thompson & Co.
    Nozzle: 1x 2˝"
    Size: 8.12" barrel O.D.,
    4.0" standpipe O.D.
    Location: John A. collection
    Photo: © J. Anderson
    I.S. Cassin & Co.
    Nozzles: 2x 2˝"
    Size: ~8.12" barrel O.D.,
    ~5.0" standpipe O.D.
    Location: Virginia
    Photo: © E. Kennedy

      later model
    This model, likely a later model, also has the manufacturer embossing on top of the bonnet rim. The single nozzle hydrant below has the later J. THOMPSON & CO.embossing. It is unknown to FH.O what the embossing is on the 2 nozzle hydrant below which was previously on the Unidentified Hydrants page. We do not know if this "later" model was made by I.S. Cassin & Co.
  • 1 pc. barrel with bolt-on bonnet
  • (barrel O.D. listed below measured immediately below the ground line O.D. rib)
  • 2171
    J. Thompson & Co.
    Nozzle: 1x 2˝"
    Size: 8.12" barrel O.D.,
    7.0" standpipe O.D.
    Location: Ed M. collection
    Photo: ©
    (mfr. unknown)
    Nozzles: 2x 2˝"
    Size: ~8.12" barrel O.D.
    Photo: © 2000, T. Ingalsbe

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