Here is a list of companies which are believed to have been hydrant manufacturers, but for whom we have no photo or substantial text documentation.

We are always looking for hydrant photographs and company histories. If you have photos or information to contribute, please E-mail us.
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H.W. Clark Co - Mattoon, IL
Culan Slan Iron Works
Elkhart Brass Mfg Co
John Fox & Co - NYC
Gould Hydrant
Hays Mfg. Co. - Erie, PA
J.H.Heathman - London
Hinman Hydraulic Mfg - Denver, CO
Ideal Hydrants and Streetwashers
C. M. Kemp Iron and Wood Case Hydrants
Shand Mason & Co - UK
McKim Foundry & Machine Co - Lockport, NY
McNamara Pattern Hydrants
Merryweather - London, UK
Modern Iron Works - Quincy, IL
Monarch Forge & Machine Works - Portland, OR
A.J. Morse and Son
Napa Pump and Mfg Co
Pacific Tank & Pipe Co - Portland, OR
Pittsburgh Filter Mfg Co - Pittsburgh, PA
Somerville & Leitch - Washington, DC
T & S
Waterworks Equipment Co - NYC