St. Louis, Missouri Spec.

Pictured here are some examples of the two city spec fire hydrants used in St. Louis, MO. The hydrants have been made by different manufacturers including, but not limited to, the hometown American Foundry & Mfg. Co. as well as Kennedy Valve and Penn-Troy Machine Corp.

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  "St. Louis Fire Hydrants"
Characteristics of the St. Louis Spec hydrants:
  • They are a ~5" valve opening hydrant. Early hydrants are of the 1 pc. barrel A.P.Smith O'Brien style. Later hydrants are of the 2 pc. A.P.Smith H100 style.
  • They are of a 4" single steamer nozzle configuration.
  • They have manufacturer and year date embossing.

    First, the earlier 1 pc. barrel hydrants:
  • 2009
    American Foundry
    Dated: 1962

    Photo: 2003, S. Parmley
    Kennedy Valve
    Dated: 1915
    (See embossing)
    Location: John A. collection
    Photo: 2004, J. Anderson

    And here is the 2 pc. barrel later version:
    American Foundry
    Dated: 1991
    (See embossing)
    Location: Jason C. collection
    Photo: 2004, J. Cherry

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