Stockton Iron Works - Stockton CA

Little is known about this company. The October 15, 1870 edition of the Daily Evening Herald newspaper of Stockton, California, ran an ad for the Stockton Iron Works. The ad proclaims a new foundry and machine shop located on California Street between Main and Weber Avenue in Stockton, CA. The owners were Th. Farrington, G. C. Hyatt, and H. S. Farrington. The text of the ad states "Manufacture Steam Engines, Quartz, Saw and Grist Mill Works, Mining Machinery, Agricultural Work, House Front and Iron and Brass Castings of every description. A share of the patronage of the public is requested. Particular attention given to jobbing and repairing. Farrington Hyatt & Co. Proprietors".

A catalog from ca. 1910 covers their line of dredges and reclamation machinery. If you have further information regarding the Stockton Iron Works, please Email Us.

  Wet Riser Model
Identifying Characteristics: Warm climate wet riser type hydrant. Note bulge in barrel for mainvalve.

Date: 1914
Nozzles: 2x 4",
© 2000, Willis Lamm

  Independent Internal Gate Model
Identifying Characteristics: Large dry barrel hydrant with 2 internally gated 4" nozzles.

Nozzles: 2x 4",
Date: 1924
© © 2000 Willis Lamm

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