Queen City Brass and Iron Works - Cincinnati, OH

Queen City Brass and Iron Works was established around 1891 by Robert E. Hesterberg as a manufacturer of brass and iron products. Amongst other things, the firm specialized in acid resistant valves and fittings. The fire hydrants the company made were produced in limited quantities, and were similar in outward appearance to a hydrant manufactured by Bourbon Copper and Brass Works, also of Cincinnati, Ohio (see Bourbon Copper & Brass).   The products made by Queen City typically had the family name stamped or cast onto them, and the barrel of their fire hydrants are marked "Hesterberg, Ohio". Queen City Brass and Iron works was sold to the Lunkenheimer Valve Co of Cincinnati in 1919.

The fire hydrant pictured here is part of a private collection. Thanks to Don Hesterberg for supplying the biographical information presented above.

photo of Queen City hydrant

photo of Don Hesterberg and Queen City hydrant

Pictured is Don Hesterberg, great grandson of Robert E. Hesterberg, founder of Queen City Brass and Iron Works, standing next to a Queen City hydrant.

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