Olympic Foundry Company - Seattle Washington

Since 1900, Olympic Foundry has supplied ship builders, port authorities, and municipalities with precision metal castings. In 1912, the company was approached to build high pressure fire hydrants for the Auxiliary Water Supply System of the city of San Francisco, California. Such emergency water systems provide fire fighting capabilities in situations where normal hydrant systems may be rendered non-functional, as is frequently the case following a catastrophic earthquake. Olympic continues to manufacture these specialized hydrants today. Olympic high pressure hydrants were recently specified for the Dedicated Fire Protection System of the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Olympic high pressure hydrants have unique features, such as a one piece barrel and standpipe cast to a wall thickness of 1 1/8", and made of ductile iron for increased strength and flexibility in the event of an earthquake. The internal parts are of manganese bronze and stainless steel, for corrosion resistance when salt water from the ocean is employed for fire fighting.

Photo: Copyright 2003, Jody Litton

Photo of Olympic High Pressure Hydrant

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Olympic Foundry Company
5200 Airport Way South
Seattle, Washington, USA 98108

Website: http://www.olympicfoundry.com

(206) 764-6200
Fax (206) 764-1170.

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