Northwestern Pump Co - Three Rivers, Michigan (?), USA
Nothing is known about the Northwestern Pump Company. If you have any information about this company or the hydrants it produced, please Email Us.

This wooden hydrant was recently found in Texas. The patent dates are from 1871 & 1872 which we believe to be at the tail end of wooden hydrant production. The mainvalve on this model was actuated by a pump handle. There is no hose nozzle, just a spout. Early hydrants often served a dual purpose: they were a public source of water for domestic usage as well as a source of water for firefighting.

  Model Unknown
Identifying marks: Northwestern Pump Co, Three Rivers, Mich[?] STOCK, Iron Lined, Patented June 21 1870, May 13 1871.

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Nozzles: single iron spout
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Image from a catalog of fire apparatus maker
Sellers & Pennock of Philadelphia, PA.
Drawing shows a pump handled wooden hydrant in use for firefighting purposes.
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