Murdock, Inc. - Cincinnati, OH
The Murdock company has been in existence since 1853. There is some debate as to whether they have ever produced true fire hydrants.
  • A 1915 edition of The Waterworks Manual published by McGraw-Hill lists Murdock Mfg. Co. of Cincinnati, OH under the heading of "Fire Hydrants".
  • An October 1949 Murdock advertisement in The American City magazine lists no fire hydrants; only outdoor drinking fountains, "lock lid" street washers, and two types of small hydrants ... both of which have spigots on them to attach garden hoses and have vertically operating handles to open and close.
  • In a recent conversation with the company's current president, Mr. Robert A. Murdock, was told that they have no company literature or records indicating that the company ever made true fire hydrants. What we do have is the MT200 model literature shown below of what terms a "yard hydrant". This yard hydrant is shown to be consistent with FH.O's inclusion of yard hydrants from other manufacturers including Kupferle Foundry, M&H Valve & Fitting, Mueller Co., and others.

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  •   MT200 model
    This yard hydrant is described as a 2" Blowoff/Flushing Hydrant in a piece of Murdock literature dated 1997. The hydrant is of fabricated construction.

    Contact Information
    Murdock, Inc.
    2488 River Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45204
    Phone: 513-471-7700

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