Pascal Iron Works of
Morris, Tasker & Co - Philadelphia, PA

Morris Tasker was founded by Stephen P. Morris, and initially produced iron stoves and grates. Henry Morris and Thomas T. Tasker joined the firm in 1835, and the company began the manufacture of gas pipes as Morris, Tasker & Morris. In 1842, U.S.Patent #2714 was issued to Thomas T. Tasker for a water hydrant. The company name was changed in 1856 to Morris, Tasker & Co. Little is known about when the company ceased operations, but they were listed in the Philadelphia telephone directory as late as 1900.

Morris Tasker & Company was a huge operation, employing as many as 1600, working in shifts around the clock. Plant equipment was heavily redundant, and it was therefore rare for the facility to be shut down for any length of time. The Pascal Iron Works covered 12 acres in Philadelphia, and the company had an iron works in Delaware, and had branch offices in New York and Boston.

Amongst the many products were valves, fountains, faucets, structural and ornamental iron building parts, radiators, steam whistles, cast and wrought iron pipe, and of course, fire hydrants.

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Information source: Architectural Elements, The Technological Revolution, edited by Diana S. Waite.


Photo: Copyright © 2000, Thomas Ingalsbe

Catalog Cover from 1860
Source: The American Historical Catalog Collection.

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