Ludlow - Rensselaer
Ludlow Valve was founded by Henry G. Ludlow in 1866 in Waterford, NY. In 1872 Ludlow Valve moved to Lansingburgh. Not too many years after that, Ludlow Valve relocated again to Troy, NY, where it remained in operation until 1969 when the business was closed. Before Ludlow Valve closed it acquired Rensselaer Valve also from Troy. Fire hydrants manufactured by Ludlow Valve after acquiring Rensselaer Valve were cast with the manufacturer noted as "Ludlow - Rensselaer"

Rensselaer Valve Company
Ludlow Valve Company
This fire hydrant is most likely from the 1960's and is a "Pittsburgh, Ohio Specs" fire hydrant (although it was in service in Massachusetts). It is known as a B90 (as cast on the hydrant) and has a 4" main valve opening but a 5" barrel i.d. The hydrant has a single 5" pumper valve.
This fire hydrant is very similar to a Rensselaer Valve L90B fire hydrant but it does not have the toggle action main valve of all other known Rensselaer Valve fire hydrants.
Photo: © 2000, Kaminski

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