Louisville, Kentucky Spec Fire Hydrants

It appears that Louisville, Kentucky requires that all fire hydrants put into service be fire hydrants with two pumper or steamer connections. The city does not use fire hydrants with the smaller hose nozzles. It appears that at one point in time, the city only used the model fire hydrant manufactured by Vogt Brothers Mfg. Co. Because the company no longer is in business, the city has now employed fire hydrants from many different companies, including, but not limited to : American Darling, Mueller Co., and US Pipe. Below the abundant model manufactured by Vogt Bros is shown with a couple of the other commonly seen fire hydrants.
Manufacturer: Vogt Bros
Date: 1961
Location: Louisville, KY
Manufacturer: Mueller Co
Model: Super Centurion 250
Date: 1995
Location: Louisville, KY
Manufacturer: US Pipe
Model: Metropolitan 250
Date: 1998
Location: Louisville, KY
Manufacturer: US Pipe
Model: Sentinel
Date: 1978
Location: Louisville, KY

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