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Current Hydrant Manufacturers

American Darling Valve
American Foundry and Mfg. Co
Barbará - St-Gobain Canalização (Brazil)
Bayard (France)
Clow Canada
Clow Valve Corp.
East Jordan Iron Works {EJIW}
Erhard (Germany)
Esfahan Haftom-e-Tir (Iran)
Fujian Tianguang Scie-tech (China)
Fumosa (Perú)
Fundición Gamboa (Mexico)
Hawle (Austria)
James Jones Co.
J.J.N. Ltda - (Colombia)
Karya Puyasa (Indonesia)
Kennedy Valve
Kitagawa Iron Works(Japan)
Knowsley SK (UK)
Kongsberg Esco AS (Norway)
Kupferle Foundry
M&H Valve and Fitting Co
Maezawa (Japan)
Mittelmann Armaturen (Germany)
Mueller Canada
Mueller Co
Murdock, Inc.
Olympic Foundry
Pont-a-Mousson - Saint-Gobain PAM (France)
Raphael Valves (Israel)
St-Gobain Canalização (Brazil)
Saint-Gobain PAM (France)
Service Brass
Shilla Fire Co Ltd (Korea)
Sigelock Systems, Inc
Terminal City Iron Works
Universal Flow Engineering
VAG Armaturen (Germany)
Vazhod J.S.C. (Bulgaria)
vonRoll (Switzerland)
Waterous Co
Yokoi Mfg. Ltd (Japan)
ZET Marketing & Trade (Israel)

City Spec Hydrants

Melbourne, Australia
Baltimore, MD
Bergen, Norway
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Dayton, OH
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Fresno, CA
Hong Kong
Honolulu, HI
Kansas City, MO
Louisville, KY
New York City, NY
Marshall, MI
Marysville, CA
Milwaukee, WI
Ottawa, ON
Philly, PA
Portland, OR
Puerto Rico Spec
St. Louis, MO
Stockton, CA
Toronto, ON

Former Hydrant Manufacturers

Samuel P. Ayers
A.D. Cook Co
A.G. Long
A.P. Smith Mfg Co
Acme Foundry
Acme Valve and Hydrant
Atlas Elevator Co.
Beaumont - R. Beaumont
Bachelor & Finnenan
Bateman & Moore's & Chrimes
Bawden Machine Co. (Canada)
Blandy Machine Co.
Boston Machine Mfg. Co.
Bourbon Copper and Brass Wks.
H. Breuer (Germany)
Builders Iron Works
Buffalo Forge Co.
Burrell-Johnson (Canada)
California Iron Works
Cambridge Machine & Valve Inc
Canada Iron
Canada Valve
Canada Water
Canadian Ludlow Mfg Ltd
Charles Carr
I.S. Cassin & Co.
Cayuta Wheel & Foundry
Chapman - R.S. Chapman
Chapman Valve
Coffin Valve
Columbian Iron Works
Compagnie General des Conduites D'Eau
Concord - Concord Supply - Canada
Cook - A.D. Cook Co
The Corey - Rensselaer Mfg/Valve Co.
Crane Company
Daigle Aqua
Darling P & M Co.
Darling V & M Co.
Davis, Howe & Company
Dayton, OH Spec
A.L.G. Dehne (Germany)
The Dimmick Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Dobbie Dico (Australia)
Douglas - W&B Douglas
Dresser Industries
F.X. Drolet
Drummond - M.J. Drummond & Co
Eclipse - Kupferle Foundry
John East Iron Works (Canada)
Eddy Iowa
Eddy Valve
E & H (TYPE 61)
Eisenwerk-Rödinghausen (Germany)
Empire Foundry
Empire - P & H Mfg. Co.
Empire - Ripley & Bronson
Empire - Ripley & Detrick
FB Machine Works
Fairbanks-Morse (National)
Fairmount Foundry
Fales & Jenks Machine Co.
Filer & Stowell
Florence Pipe Foundry & Machine Co.
Flower Stephens Mfg. Co.
Fox & Engel
George J. Frita Foundry & Machine Co
Galvin Brass & Iron Works
Garratt - W.T. Garratt
Charles Gibault & Cie - (France)
Gilbert Hunt Co
Glamorgan Pipe and Foundry
Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd. (Scotland).
Gloucester City (Flip Lid)
Gloucester Iron Works
Goddard Foundry
Greathead Injector Hydrant
Greenberg - M. Greenberg's Sons
Ham Baker & Co. (England)
Hamar (Iceland)
Hamilton Water Works
Hanover Hydrant
J.C. Hearn Machine Works
Helser Machine Works
Joshua Hendy Iron Works
Herron Brady
Hill - R.A. Hill
Holly Mfg. Co
Holyoke Hydrant & Iron Works
Hopper Machine Works
Hotchkiss Field & Co
Howard Iron Works
Iowa Valve
John Fox & Company
John C Kupferle Foundry
Johnson City Foundry & Machine Works
K.P. Iron Foundry
Kellam Foundry
Kennedy & Sullivan Mfg. Co.
The Kerr Engine Co (Canada)
Keystone Iron Works
Kingston Works (Canada)
Koppers Co
Kupferle Foundry
Lawco (Canada)
Lawson (Canada)
London Foundry Ltd. (Canada)
Long - A.G. Long
Long Beach Iron Works
Lorton Prison Foundry
Lowry Flush Hydrant
Ludlow Valve
Ludlow - Rensselaer
Madsen Iron Works
M. Greenberg's Sons
M.J. Drummond & Co
Mainland Foundry (Canada)
Marysville Foundry
Mathews - R.D. Wood Co
McAvity - T. McAvity & Sons Ltd
McKim Foundry and Machine Co.
Mellert Foundry & Machine
Michigan Brass & Iron Works
Michigan Valve and Foundry
Morris, Tasker & Co
Moore & Scott Iron Works
Multiplex Mfg. Co
Mussens Ltd (Canada)
N.O. Nelson Mfg Co
National - Am. Fdry. & Mfg. Co
National Car Wheel Co
National Co
National Construction Co
National Iron Works (San Diego)
National Iron Works (Spokane)
New York Hydrant
Niagara Mfg Co
C. Norsworthy & Co. Ltd.
Northwestern Pump Co
Norwood Engineering Co
Oregon Foundry
P & H Mfg. Co.
P. H. & S. Co
Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Pattee & Draper
Pattee & Perkins
Paxton-Mitchell Co.
Pegnitzhütte - (Germany)
Penn-Troy Machine Corp.
Perfection - National Const Co
Perkins Foundry
Phoenix Foundry
Phoenix Iron Works
Powhatan Brass & Iron Works
The Pratt & Cady Co
Queen City Iron Works
R. Beaumont
R. Pattee & Co
R.A. Hill
R.D. Wood Co
R.S. Chapman
Race & Mathews
Ramsay's Machine Works (Canada)
Reading Foundry Co Ltd
Rensselaer Mfg/Valve Co.
Rich Valve Co
The Rick Company
Rincon Foundry Co
Ripley & Bronson
Ripley & Detrick Supply Co
Roe Stephens Mfg Co
Ross Valve Mfg Co
SHW (Germany)
St. Paul Fire & Marine
San Jose Iron & Foundry
Savage & Company
L. Seguin & Cie
Service Brass
Shand and Jurs
Silvani Antincendi (Italy)
Smith - A.P. Smith Mfg Co
Smith & Watson Iron Works
Ste Metallurgique Hte Marnaise (France)
Somerville & Leitch
South Park Hydrant & Pump
Standard Iron & Engine Works (Canada)
Standard Iron Works
Starr's Iron Works
Stockton Iron Works
H Strube & Fils (France)
T. McAvity & Sons Ltd
Tamaqua Mfg. Co
J. Thompson & Co.
Thos. Lawson & Sons Ltd. (Canada)
Three Rivers Iron Works
J Trager - (Austria)
Traverse City Iron Works {TCIW}
Tylors of London (UK)
Union Hydraulic Works
Union Iron Works
United Casting Co
United Iron Works
US Pipe & Foundry Co
Utica Pipe Foundry Co
Van Deventer
VEB Industriearmaturen und Apparatebau (East Germany)
Villiambon Co
Vogt Bros. Mfg Co
The Vulcan (Canada)
W&B Douglas
W.T. Garratt
Ward Pump Co.
Western Fire Equipment
Western Foundry
Western Kopper Co
Whittier Machine Co
Windsor Foundry (Canada)
Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works
Woods - R.D. Wood Co
Undocumented Manufacturers

Unidentified Hydrants

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