Guy C. Hotchkiss Field & Company Iron Works - NYC, New York

     According to the 1862 and 1863 New York City directories, Guy C. Hotchkiss & Sons manufactured wagon axles at an iron foundry located at 173-179 5th Street in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. From 1873 until 1877, the Guy C. Hotchkiss, Field, & Co. Iron Works was located at 527 Hudson Street in Manhattan and listed as a manufacturer of axles and hardware. From 1878 until 1889, the company's address was 622-642 East 14th Street in Manhattan (right across the river from the original Brooklyn location), after which the company seems to have gone out of business.

From an 1881 company letterhead and letter, we have learned that the company billed itself as a manufacturer of machinery, axles, springs, and carriage materials. It is also clear that the company sold gate valves as well as the flip lid hydrants pictured here. In the letter, addressed to the Buffalo, New York, water department, a price of $1,549.00 per each 48" water gate valve was quoted, an astonishing sum at the time. City. Charles H. Field and Maurice B. Flynn are listed on the letterhead, presumably as principles.

The two fire hydrants pictured below are both original New York City fire hydrants. This style of fire hydrant was popular from as far back as 1840 until the late 1800's. Each fire hydrant has a flip lid which can be unlocked by turning the operating nut. Once opened, the hydrant was often operated by a hand wheel which opened a ball valve at the base of the fire hydrant. We are seeking further information; if you have any information at all about the company or these fire hydrants, please email us.

Double Outlet Model
Nozzles: 2x 2.5"
Size: ~? V.O.
Barrel: 1 pc.
Date: 18??
Location: New York, NY
Photo: © 2001, E. Kennedy
These hydrants were likely phased out in the late 1800's. Remarkably, this one managed to remain in its original location, tucked away in a park. Aside from the name of the manufacturer cast around the flip lid, the only other marking is the letter "A" on the back, between the nozzles.
Single Outlet Model
Nozzles: 1x 2.5"
Size: ~? V.O.
Barrel: 1 pc.
Date: 18??
Location: Private Collection
Photo: © 2001, J. Straw
Currently in a private collection, this fire hydrant was originally from Ward's Island, an island part of Manhattan. This hydrant had been broken off at the water main and out of service for many years prior to removal from the island. The hydrant also has the letter "A" cast on it, 90 degrees from the nozzle outlet.

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