Hinckley - San Francisco, CA

Hinckley hydrants were installed in the California gold rush towns in the 1860s and 1870s. Little more is known about the company at this time. However, contributor Ralph A. Williams of Topsham, Maine writes:

In researching handtub construction in Maine, I found that Daniel B. Hinckley and his partner Thomas N. Egery went to San Francisco Calif. and were members of Monumental Fire Company and were founders of Pacific Iron Works (later taken over by nephews of Mr. Hinckley). While in Maine they built handtubs for the Bangor, Maine fire department. Could this be the Hinckley Iron Works you are looking for?

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At this point we know of just the one flip lid style hydrant model, shown here in single outlet form.

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Photos ©2002 Ernest Copelan

Here is the same model in twin outlet configuration
Photo: © 2000 Joe Curtis
Photo: © 2000 Joe Curtis

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