J. C. Hearn Machine Works - Columbus, OH
We believe that J. C. Hearn Machine Works was NOT a hydrant manufacturer, but simply made hydrant replacement parts such as the bonnet on the Ludlow hydrant below. The smooth bonnet on this hydrant is embossed with J. C. HEARN MACH. WKS. COLS. O.. This hydrant was originally in service in Columbus, OH.

FireHydrant.org does not normally list a component manufacturer. However, had this replacement bonnet been installed on an earlier vintage Ludlow List 75 hydrant, without the Ludlow logo on the barrel, it could easily be mistaken as a clone of a Ludlow List 75 hydrant manufacturered complete by J. C. Hearn.

If you have any information regarding J. C. Hearn Machine Wks., please Email Us.

1057 (Hearn)
Nozzles: 2x 2"
Size: ~4" V.O.
Location: Jack S. collection
Photo: J. Selvey

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