Hydrants of Finland

Photos and text courtesy of Erkki Kauranen of the Savio Volunteer Fire Department,
Kerava, Finland   http://www.savionvpk.fi
All pictures Copyright © 2001 Erkki Kauranen

The majority of fire hydrants in Finland are below the ground surface. This is because of the deep frost during winter. Below are some pictures of these underground hydrants.
Photo of Lid of Underground Hydrant
Lid of Underground Hydrant
Photo of Valve Stem and Connector of Underground Hydrant
Looking down at valve stem and connector

A standpipe and opening tool are inserted into the fire hydrant as seen below.

Photo of Standpipe and Wrench Inserted into the HydrantPhoto of Standpipe and Wrench Inserted into the Hydrant

Below is a picture of the sign that indicates the location of the fire hydrant.

Photo of Hydrant Sign Showing Distance to Hydrant in Meters and Water Main Size in MillimetersThe number 2 indicates the distance directly from the sign to the actual lid (in meters) and the 150 in the corner shows the size of the water main to which the hydrant is connected (in millimeters).

A number of tools are required to work with the fire hydrants

Photo of Hydrant Tool Cart
Special hydrant tools are towed in a cart close the the hydrant.           
Photo of Manually Operated Hydrant Pump
After hydrant usage, it should be dried to prevent freezing. This pump performs the task

In addition to the underground hydrants, there are high capacity above ground hydrants, called "water stations"
Photo of Insulated Box of the Water Station Photo of Insulated Box of the Water Station
Inside the insulated box is a connector plate for a special 4 inch coupling through which 3 pieces of 3 inch supply lines can be attached.

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