Detroit, Michigan Spec.

Pictured here are some examples of the standard fire hydrant used in Detroit, Michigan. The hydrants have been made by different manufacturers including but not limited to: Michigan Valve & Fdry Co. and East Jordan Iron Works since the design has been introduced. When is was is not known to but hydrants dated 1911 have been noted. Currently the main supplier of fire hydrants for Detroit is East Jordan Iron Works.

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Characteristics of the Detroit Spec hydrants:
  • They are of a 6" valve opening frost jacketed hydrant and are embossed with 6DFD (6" Detroit Fire Dept)
  • They are of a 4" double steamer nozzle design.
  • They have manufacturer and year date embossing.
  • On the back of the barrel opposite the nozzles is a threaded fitting that connects to a copper tube that is routed down near the main valve. This feature allows the hydrant to be pumped dry.
  • 2153
    Michigan Valve - Type 1
    (see embossing below)
    Dated: 1923
    Location: John A. collection
    Photo: 2004, J. Anderson
    Michigan Valve - Type 2
    (see embossing below)
    Dated: 1930
    Location: John A. collection
    Photo: 2004, J. Anderson
    East Jordan Iron Wks
    Dated: 1952
    Location: Milford, MI

    Type 1 embossing

    Type 2 embossing

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