Cregier - Chicago, Illinois

The Cregier hydrant was the design of Dewitt C. Cregier, water superintendent with the city of Chicago, and later the mayor of Chicago (1889-1891). At least one producer has been identified, Architectural Iron Works, a Chicago firm. Possibly they were the sole maker of these hydrants. They were produced in large numbers well into the 1900s.

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Portrait of Dewitt C. Cregier, inventor, engineer, mayor of City of Chicago. Click to Enlarge

Photo courtesy of Gloria Cregier Emma

Plaque honoring Dewitt C. Cregier affixed to the famous Chicago Water Tower on Michigan Avenue.
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Photo courtesy of Gloria Cregier Emma

This patent drawing from 1875 shows the classic hourglass shape of the standard Cregier hydrant.

This hydrant, represented here by the Cregier patent drawing from 1876, was equipped with a drinking fountain for humans, the overflow of which was drained and captured by a trough, providing fresh water for horses and other domesticated animals.

1876 Advertisement for the Cregier Hydrant
Source: Engineering News, July 8th, 1876

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