Crane Company - Chicago, IL
The Crane Company, of course, is the familiar plumbing giant whose products are well known for high quality. The company was founded by Richard T. Crane, who "made and poured the first mould on July 4th, 1855" in a primitive frame foundry in Chicago, Illinois.

A magazine advertisement from 1896 shows one of the Crane model hydrants photographed on this page. What we don't know yet is the span of years that Crane made and sold hydrants of their own design. Crane Company catalogs from the early 1900s list hydrants -- as well as fire hose, standpipes, and siamese connections -- all sold under the Crane name. But by this point in time we believe Crane was merely selling the hydrants of other makers, as seen in this 1926 Crane Company catalog page. That hydrant was a carbon copy of the National hydrant made by American Foundry and Mfg. Co. of St. Louis, Missouri. A 1924 Canadian catalog with the imprint --- Crane Limited CRANE VALVES, FITTINGS, PIPING, PLUMBING, HEATING, MILL GOODS, TOOLS ETC.: CATALOGUE NO. 140 Ottawa, Ontario --- documents that the company was selling the Eclipse line of fire hydrants, also produced in St. Louis by Kupferle Foundry.

However, Crane once again entered the hydrant business when they purchased Chapman Valve Mfg. Co. in 1959. Crane produced the Chapman Valve List 90 model hydrant into the 1960s.

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  "Standard Hydrant"
The wording "STANDARD HYDRANT", which we interpret as the model name, appears on the top of the bonnet rim along with "CRANE COMPANY CHICAGO".
0105 (See Top View)
Nozzles: 2x 2"
Size: ~4" V.O.
Location: Iowa
Photo 1999 John Anderson
Nozzles: 2x 2"
Size: ~4" V.O. w/frost jacket
Photo Russ Porterfield
0732 (See Top View)
Nozzles: 2x 2" independently gated
Size: ~4" V.O.
Location: Iowa
Photo 2000 John Anderson
1364 (See Top View)
Nozzles: 2x 2"/3" combo independently gated
Size: larger than others but NO main valve
Location: Wisconsin
Photo 2001 John Anderson

  (another model)
The wording "CRANE COMPANY HYDRANT CHICAGO" appears on the top of the bonnet rim between the bolts. This model has a rather unique style of frost jacket that bolts together as two vertical halves.
Nozzles: 2x 2"
Size: ~4" V.O.
Location: Jeff K. collection
Photo 2004, J. Kaminski

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