Blandy Machine Co. - Zanesville, OH currently knows nothing about Blandy Machine Co. other than what can be learned from the hydrant itself shown below

If you have any information regarding Blandy Machine Co. --- old brochures, catalogs, etc., please Email Us.

  (Model Unknown)
This hydrant has no embossing on the 1 pc. barrel. Embossed on the "Ludlow List 75 - type" bonnet is simply BLANDY MACHINE CO. ZANESVILLE.
  • There is no indication of V.O. size on this model.
  • 2181
    Nozzles: 1x 2"
    Size: ~4" V.O.
    Location: Jack S. collection
    Photo: J. Selvey
    Nozzles: 2x 2"
    Size: ~4" V.O.
    Location: Ohio
    Photo: K. Thomas

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