Companhia Metalúrgica Barbará
Saint-Gobain Canalização - Brazil

Saint-Gobain Canalização traces its roots back to 1914 with the establishment of Cia. Brasileira de Metalúrgia, an iron pipe foundry, which was located at São Paulo, Brazil. One of the co-founders of this foundry was Dimitri Sensaud de Lavaud, the inventor of the centrifugal process for casting iron pipe. Baldomero Barbará obtained the patent for this process, and in 1932 incorporated what would become Companhia Metalúrgica Barbará.

In the year 2000 the company name was changed to reflect its corporate parent. Today, Saint-Gobain Canalização manufactures an extensive line of valves, pipe, pipe fittings and fire hydrants in Brazil. The Hidrante de Coluna is noteworthy in that the mainvalve is separate from the hydrant barrel assembly, there is no bonnet with an operating nut. Instead, a below grade gate valve is employed as the mainvalve. Similar arrangements are common in other parts of the world, noteably Hong Kong and Fresno, California

Company history translated from the Portuguese by: Jim Quist.

Saint-Gobain Canalização manufactures above and below ground fire hydrants at their ISO 9002 certified facilities in Brazil. Pictured is the Pillar Hydrant HC (hidrante de coluna), which is manufactured in compliance with Brazilian Standard NBR 5667. Photo Copyright © 2000 Saint-Gobain Canalização

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