Acme Foundry - NY
     Currently, we have no information on this brand of fire hydrant. It is unclear at this point whether or not Acme Foundry even produces fire hydrants. To date, Acme Foundry bonnets have been found only atop other makes of fire hydrants throughout New York City. We are still seeking information on the Acme Foundry, so if you have any information at all about the company or these fire hydrants, please email us.
Location: New York, NY
Photo: © 2001, E. Kennedy
An easy way to spot these bonnets atop New York City's fire hydrants is to note that Acme Foundry is the only maker which supplied smooth bonnets, unlike the fluted bonnets of other New York City hydrants. It appears that many of these bonnets have a newer appearance, leading us to believe they are simply machined at a foundry, not part of an entire hydrant. This particular Acme Foundry bonnet sits atop a 1988 US Pipe Series "S" fire hydrant barrel.

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