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Water Supply Accessories

Welcome to's water supply accessories page. Here you will find information about Indicator Posts and Fire Department Connections. Other types of "accessories" will be added in the future.

Indicator Posts (& Floor Stands)

Welcome to the world of Post Indicator Valves (PIVs)! Strictly speaking, a PIV is the unseen gate (or butterfly) valve used to control water supply to sprinkler, deluge, water spray, foam and standpipe systems used for fire protection in large buildings and factories. The PIV controls water flow into the private system from the public water system.

The above ground portion which controls this valve is called by many names: PIV, indicator post, I post, IP, post indicator, PI, wall post, pit post, post, etc., etc. They either have a locking handle/wrench or a handwheel to actuate the valve below. Most have a window that indicates whether the valve is in an "OPEN" or "SHUT" condition. For our purposes we are using following definitions for the posts; and are calling them all "Indicator Posts":

  • Ground Post - a tall vertical post buried in the ground; generally found with a locking handle/wrench
  • Pedestal Post - a tall vertical post with flange bolted to a horizontal surface, usually concrete; and generally found with a locking handle/wrench
  • Wall Post - a short horizontal post with flange bolted to a wall; generally found with handwheel

Floor stands are similar in appearance to a Pedestal Post. They generally have a movable pointer that indicates on a scale the position of the valve. A floor stand controls a valve that can be throttled; in addition to simply opened or shut like Indicator Posts. Floor stands are commonly used in water / waste water treatment plants where valves need to be regularly adjusted. Also, a floor stand can have gearing and can be motor actuated. A floor stand typically has a handwheel on top that is sized according to the size of the valve below. They generally are not made to lock in position.

Despite all these definitions it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between "Indicator Posts" and "Floor Stands". So they are grouped together on the following Indicator Post manufacturer pages; many of which are familiar to us as fire hydrant manufacturers:

Indicator Post Manufacturers 
Indicator Posts made by various manufacturers to the same National Standard can be viewed here.

Fire Department Connections (FDCs) 

Fire Department Connections can be found in two basic styles.

  • Wall Mount - generally a 2 nozzle wye mounted on a round plate; made of brass
  • Free Standing - generally a 2 nozzle brass wye mounted atop a vertical pipe

FDCs are generally located in close proximity to Indicator Posts. The FDC provides for supply by fire department pumpers and is not controlled by the PIV. Check valves prevent water supplied from the fire department from back feeding into the public water system.

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