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DHI Software
Produces a range of software products for the modeling of water, from source to tap, from rainfall to the ocean, including MIKE NET, a professional engineering software package for the simulation of steady flow and pressure distribution, extended period simulation of hydraulic and water quality behaviour within drinking water distribution systems; fire flows / fire hydrant analysis.(30 Day Free Evaluation)
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FDM Software

Hydrant Manager quickly and efficiently tracks hydrant locations, schedules routine hydrant testing and maintains hydrant service.
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Fire House Software

FIREHOUSE Software® Comprehensive Fire Department Records Management Software (FDRMS) including a hydrant module (free evaluation)
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Fire Programs Software

Fire Programs fire service software, including Risk Management module with hydrant inspection/flow test/and maintenance records. (free evaluation)
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Hydrantenplan® 1.0 Hydrant mapping software (German Language).

Groupe Uni-Spec

Fire Hydrants Hydrant management software. Bilingual, English/French
Bornes Fontaines L'application de gestion des bornes fontaines. Bilingue, français/anglais

Hydro Flow Products, Inc.

Track One™ Distribution System Software
Software for Fire Flow Testing, Uni-Directional Main Testing, Hydrant Maintenance, Valve Maintenance, and Main Maintenance. (free evaluation)
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Hydronics Engineering
Hydrant Flow Test for Windows. Download Demo Here  or Download Here

Hydrant Flow Testing. Single or multiple hydrant flow tests per NFPA-291. Unlimited number of flow test locations and outlets flowed. Dynamic Graph responds immediately to changes. Extrapolated flow at 0 psi, 20 psi or any user defined pressure. Report and Graph for each individual flow test. Summary displays all records in the flow test database. Search flow test database for results matching file name, hydrant, location, date, static, residual, flow and other variables. Export results to Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/NT, 1 MB RAM, 1 MB on HD.


Hydronics Engineering
34119 Fremont Bl, Fremont CA 94555
Tel. 1-800-845-9819 Fax. 1-775-703-8258
Email: Sang Wong -


FireFlow is a Freeware, EPANET based tool, which will calculate the available flow at network junctions while a minimal pressure is kept at demand junctions.

EPANET is also Freeware, available Here.

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Hydrant Master© Tracking for Tests, Maintenance, and Repair of hydrants, as well as the ability to calculate flow rates, more. (free evaluation)
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Specialized Systems Software

Specialized Systems Software is a company that was formed to provide quality software for Water Utilities at a reasonable price and with outstanding support. Our software is designed for the Water Operator, not the Design Engineer.

Our Hydrant Tracking and Testing   program was designed, like all of our software, to be operator friendly. It tracks each hydrant from the date of purchase until salvage many years later. All inspections, testing and maintenance functions are tracked throughout its lifetime.

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Triton Industries, Inc.

W.A.T.E.R. custom software related to the testing, maintenance, repair & mapping of hydrants, valves, meters, and more. (free evaluation)
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Williams Associates, LLC
The Company provides a complete and cost-effective array of products and services for water, wastewater storm and public works organizations. Our products enable these groups to apply work-flow based mapping and related technologies to their day-to-day operations.

Hydrant Manager is a program that enables users to efficiently build and manage a hydrant asset database. The application supports mobile data capture of flushing data via a Palm Pilot or similar device for automatic update of the database. To download a free, full function evaluation copy now, simply click this link: Hydrant Manager

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