European Fire Hydrant Repair and Maintenance

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Address: Locations throughout France

Société Ortino

Address: Z.I. du Mariage-Rue des Bruyères  Voie D3-69330 Pusignan FRANCE
Tel. 04 72 05 1202   Fax. 04 72 05 1189


European Flow Control
P.O. Box 17, 9460 AA Gieten (NL)
de Zaalsteden 31, 9461 CS Gieten (NL)
Kiotoweg 727, 3047 BG Rotterdam (NL)
Tel. +31 592 262719 Fax. +31 592 264530

We have a service and maintenance department that is able to repair and help you 24hrs a day. Agents and locations throughout Europe.


Kälin Hydranten-Service

Address: Gizbüelweg 6   8335 Hittnau SWITZERLAND

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