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Other Related Links

CalCo Cutaways Cut-Away Demonstration Hydrants Die offizielle Seite f Wasserversorgung

Hydrant Art

Cameron Sharpe - "I am a high realist artist and a firefighter"
Memphis FD Hydrant Repair Patch The coolest embroidered patch out there, get yours today!
FancyCrazyHydrants One of the Internet's earliest fire hydrant sites is back online, new and improved!
FancyCrazyHydrants: The Art Show Based on the FancyCrazyHydrants website.
American Hydrant Photographer Sean Crane captures the hydrants of America in this coffeetable book.
Ran Young Kim Brief account of Ran Young Kim and her bizarre hydrant sculptures.
Daniel Ochoa Striking still life paintings - including hydrants - from this Southern California based artist.
Primeau Slices Daniel-Jean Primeau's awesome hydrant slices
    ou  Les Tranches de Primeau Une tranche de borne fontaine.
Wolfgang Wimh Germany's leading proponent of hydrant art and hydrant preservation.
Anna L. Conti Fire and Water: Anna's San Francisco hydrant paintings.
Jody Litton Urban landscape & hydrant paintings from San Francisco.
Gerda Holcomb Your dog's portrait on a hydrant, and more!
Aleksander Malecki Digital hydrant art by commission.

Firefighting at The Collectors Weekly

The Collectors Weekly

Hydrant Photography Sites  New Austrian hydrant site.
The Birdsill Holly Society The latest, greatest hydrant photography site out there. Wow! Rick Ho's extraordinary hydrant photographs!
Visiting Fireman Black and White Fine Art Hydrant Photography
urban elements Takehiro Adachi's design laboratory
The Hydrant Page The Hydrants of San Bernardino
NC State Campus Fire Hydrants NC State University Luis da Silva's Graphic Design Studio
Chinese Hydrant Collection View of hydrant collection, in part, at the Shanghai Museum

   Kazuko Matsuda's Japanese language world hydrant site.
   Select English, then "Fire Hydrant" from the "Gallery Line" drop down menu. Seiji Takeda's astonishing collection of Japanese hydrant photos Some Japanese hydrants you won't find elsewhere. Yet another wonderful Japanese hydrant site. And another... And so on... And so forth.

Hydranten Reiner Poessnicker's German Hydrant Page
Der virtuellen Hydranten-Galerie Franz Hintermann's German Hydrant Site
Die Zukunft der Hydranten im Internet Artist Wolfgang Wimh's World Hydrant Site
Fotoagentur & Themen: Hydranten Markus Thiel's Hydrant Site

Children's Corner

The Adventures of The FancyCrazyHydrants - The Mission
     Hydrant theme children's book from author Baltazar Ray
Fire Hydrant Art Students from Rockville, Maryland decorate hydrants.
Adopt-A-Hydrant Program Coon Rapids Minnesota's Program for Children and Families.
Hydranten Malwettbewerb Hydrant painting contest in Waldkirch - Bernhardzell, Switzerland
Sandcastle Hydrant! Family Fun: Here's a hydrant you can build at the beach.
    or  Team Sandtastic Another sandcastle hydrant, check it out!
Hydranten bemalen Illgau, Switzerland: schoolchildren paint the town's hydrants - Photo Gallery.
Hydrant Nut Geometry The What and Why of Hydrant Nut Shapes.
Japanese Hydrant Page All about hydrants, Japanese language.
Some Japanese Decorated Hydrants The urge to decorate hydrants exists most everywhere.

Miscellaneous Links

 2006 Fire Hydrant Calendar Get yours. Submit your hydrant photo and you may make next year's calendar.
 Memphis FD Hydrant Repair Patch Way cool hydrant image. Embroidered patch, or window decal, get yours today!
  Hydrant Park's Gift Shop Miniature hydrants as well as full size hydrants for sale.
Life Size Plastic Hydrant Sources For Stage & Film Productions, Decoration, other imaginative uses...
Computer Modeling of Fallen Snow Next time it snows, check your bonnet.
Fire Hydrant on Fire?! Bizarre Fire Dispatch from Rural Indiana
Remembering the Little Hydrant that Could San Francisco's Famous Heroic Hydrant
Hydrant stuff @ Watch your wallet!
Moulins oivres Bornes Hydrantes Wooden Swiss Hydrant Peppermills.
3/4 Pint Fire Hydrant Cocktail Shaker Asprey & Garrard. In Sterling Silver.

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