Stuart Craw's Hydrant Collection

Photo © 2002 Stuart Craw

The hydrant in the photograph was in service until 3 years ago. While working for an underground pipeline company, we recovered this hydrant while replacing a rather antiquated hydrant supply around a Hotel in Dunblane, Scotland. The hydrant was not quite in the condition you see it now. Since we knew our boss was to retire in march2001, we restored it and presented him with it for his retiral. However, it has returned to my custody in the last week since finding out his wife refuses to let it in the house, and it has spent the last year in a garden shed.

I have no idea what make it is, it has a "london" pattern thread on the outlet and a 2.5 inch PN16 (or equivalent) flange, complete with anti-frost valve.

In the UK we tend to use mainly Type 2 hydrants similar to the brass one, but made from cast iron with a blue (rilsan) coating. There is also a type 1 available but in 13 years, I haven't seen one in the ground. Most variations are the thread pattern on the outlet, in the UK, they mostly have London pattern threads, In Northern Ireland, they use a Belfast thread ( finer thread similar to BSP) and in Cork, I've spotted Hydrants using the instantaneous coupling connections found on (most of our) fire hoses. Pictures of most of these will be forthcoming.

Stuart's bio:

I'm 32 years old, and have been in the pipeline industry for almost 13 years now. My first 5 years were with the Fusion Group, where I became versed in repairs, hires, supply and training for (mainly) polyethylene pipeline systems for gas and water transmission. From there (and until November 2001) I was employed by a worldwide inspection group OIS, firstly as a foreman pipelayer and subsequently manager of the utilities division in our Falkirk office. However, due to last years catastrophies due to the Foot and Mouth "epidemic", the testing division in our office failed to secure any substantial contracts, and our owners decided to close the office completely, making around 30 staff redundant.

During my time with OIS, I've been involved in all sorts of pipeline contracts, the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, installing external underground services (in MDPE, HDPE, PVC, Polybutylene, Ductile Iron, Copper, Asbestos.......) for use as Gas , Potable Water , Hydrant, Sprinkler, Fuel, Heating, supplies. Other work we've done includes fish cage manufacture (from MDPE pipelines) and extrusion welding of HDPE for fabrications and large diameter HDPE tunnels (up to 3m internal diameter).

Everard P.E. Solutions

At the end of November last year I decided to set up my own business to continue the tradition, and with a little investment from some choice clients,we've managed to carve a little niche market delivering high quality work around the country.

So far we've carried out contracts in Wales (Swansea) , Ireland (Cork) , Scotland (all over), and England (Leeds); additionally, I've just secured a months work in Paris (France not Texas) which will hopefully begin during the summer.

Best Regards

Stuart Craw

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