Quentin Tilman's Hydrant Collection

In 1970, I was born in Durham, NC as an heir to a strong family inclination to save garbage. If other people throw it away, it must be good! My Uncle is a trash welder/sculptor, and my Granddad is a shameless thrift store junkie. I was attracted to fire hydrants because I thought that no one else could possibly be collecting them and because of their sheer weight. I love them. I have a wife, two girls, a dog, and a rabbit.

Photos © 2003 Quentin Tilman

1291 American Darling
B-84-B model
5" V.O.
Dated 1999
1068 Mueller
Improved model
4" V.O.
Dated 1976
1105 R. D. Wood
Modernized model
4" V.O.
Dated 1942

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