Martin Duchesne's Hydrant Collection

"Je suis un collectionneur de casques de pompier et j'ai maintenant près de 75 casques, en majorité nord-américains et je suis toujours à la recherche de nouveaux casques de pompier.J'ai maintenant 2 bornes fontaine !Merci a vous tous et bonne chance pour votre collection!"

"I am a fire helmet collector and I have 75 helmets now, most of them North American, I am always looking for helmets. I have now 2 hydrants. Thank you and I wish you the best for your collection.!"

This Daigle hydrant is a model D63 from 1966, and is marked as having had a 5 1/4" mainvalve; the bottom of the barrel is embossed "S15". photo of restored Daigle octagonal 2-way hydrantphoto of canada valve hydrantThis Canada Valve hydrant was missing the bonnet, so was turned into a table: shown is a fire helmet from the 1880s from Martin's collection.

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