Jari Mäki Oy
Jari & Katariina Mäki's shop in Finland.

Jari & Katariina Mäki have imported car parts, accessories, western items and many kind of curiosities from the USA since 1989. Every year Jari travels to the USA to look for new and different products to offer for sale in Finland. The selection is wide -- from candy bars to cars. There are for instance a couple of real oil pumps from Texas! When you look the shop, virtually everything is imported from the USA except for the buildings. The shop also offers special car rentals - big limousines, the Cadillac of the ex-president of Finland, police cruisers from the USA, etc. Visit their website: http://www.jarimaki.fi/

  Clow Valve Corp. -- Eddy Valve Hydrant

In the yard near the parking lot is Jari & Katariina's 1977 Eddy Valve fire hydrant.

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