Hank Bergson's Hydrant Collection

Photos and text © 2001 Hank Bergson

"I have been collecting antique firefighting equipment since the mid 1960's so have amassed quite a collection of helmets, speaking trumpets, lanterns, alarm equipment etc., etc.."

"Obviously, no collection is complete without a few hydrants. As part of my collection I particularly like working models, patent models, and salesman's samples, thus I really enjoy the salesman's sample hydrants."

"On the fire side I am an ex-Chief of the Katonah, NY Fire Department and am currently Vice Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners."  --Hank Bergson

Hydrants, from left to right:
     1930 R.D. Woods/Mathews, Philadelphia, PA (hydrant originally from Bedford NY);
         1888 Pratt & Cady, Hartford CT (hydrant originally from Hartford CT);
           1880 Chapman, Boston, MA (original location unknown);
              1940 Kennedy Valve, Elmira, NY (hydrant from Scranton, PA)

Hydrants, from left to right:

     1995 Penn Troy NYC spec Series S hydrant;

            1891 Norwood Engineering "The Holyoke" (original location unknown);
                 and the back view of the Norwood with the initials "HS", meaning unknown.

Salesman samples:

Left to right:

Bourbon Copper and Brass,
circa 1920; height: 9.75"

Traverse City Iron Works,
circa 1950; height: 22"

Eddy Valve Mfg.,
circa 1950; height: 21.75"

This Bourbon model has an overall height of 16" and comes with its own frost jacket.

Western Koppers Construction Company

Not so fast! Although this looks like a salesman's sample for a Kennedy Valve K-10 hydrant, it is believed to be a clone made by Western Koppers Construction Company. These hydrants can occasionally still be found in service. Note the horizontal rib near the base of the upper barrel, and the very "non-Kennedy-like" nozzle caps.

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Ludlow Valve

This Ludlow Valve List 90 salesman's model is another exquisite beauty.

Mueller Valve Centurion

Mueller Valve Improved

This is Hank's latest acquisition. Click images to enlarge

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