Tom Cooper's Hydrant Collection

"I am a tool & die maker and live in Central California. I picked up my first fire hydrant at least 15 years ago and have added to it slowly. At present, I have 12 hydrants and want to keep adding to my collection. I am interested in getting in touch with other collectors."

Tom can be contacted at

2060 Clow
No. 550 model
dated 1991
0533 Clow
No. 960 model
dated 1985
0389 James Jones
wharf head model
not dated
2061 James Jones
not model marked
dated 1977 & 1978
0646 M.Greenberg
No. 74 model
circa 1940's
2062 M.Greenberg
No. 28 model
dated 1951
0513 M.Greenberg
No. 76 model
dated 1962
0387 Mueller
Model A-480
dated 1983
2063 Pacific States
not model marked
dated 1968
0766 Rensselaer
List 90 model
4-bolt bonnet
2064 Rich Mfg.
not model marked
"Van Deventer Hydrant L.A.F.D." embossing on top
2065 Rich Mfg.
70 model
4" V.O.
dated 1955

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