Mark Pandanell's Hydrant Collection

Mark has been a firefighter for 20 years in Texas City, Texas. He is a U.S. Navy veteran. Collecting firefighting items is a joint venture with Mark and his wife. On his own web pages are more photos of his hydrants and other firefighting items.

"Since I came across I have learned so much more about hydrants and how to locate them. I now see a fun challenge ahead of me in finding more hydrants and restoring them."

Mark can be contacted at

1291 Am. Darling
B84B model
5" V.0., 1992
1947 Michigan
B & I Works

~4" V.0., 1905
1948 Mueller
Columbian model
~5" V.0., 1936
0150 Mueller
Centurion model
5" V.0., 1985
0029 Waterous
W31 model
5" V.0., 1943

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