Lee Needler's Hydrant Collection

"I am a tool and die maker in Meadville, Pennsylvania (Toolcity, USA). I started collecting and refinishing hydrants in the spring of 2002. I find it a very relaxing hobby. My wife thinks I'm nuts (although I'm allowed to display a couple inside). I like to refer to my finished hydrants as 'handsome units' or 'just little slices of Americana'."

Lee can be contacted at leeneedler@csonline.net.

1272 Darling
B50B model
4" V.0.
1251 Kennedy
Mathews model
5" V.0., 1971
0890 Ludlow
List 75 model
4.5" V.O.
no barrel logo
1073 Mueller
Improved model
5" V.0.
1105 R.D.Wood
Modernized model
4" V.0., 1930
(see another restored as a lamp)

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