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HISTORY and BACKGROUND of started as Fire Hydrant Central in November 1998. We've preserved an early version of the Fire Hydrant Central site in our archives. As you can see, Fire Hydrant Central was simply a web site with pictures of fire hydrants from throughout the country. Slowly but surely the web site got more visitors and acquired more information and pictures of hydrants. In February of 1999, the HYDRANTS E-mail list serv was created, started out slowly, but now has quickly grown to serve larger numbers of people. With the backing of a hydrant industry insider, by summertime of 1999, the site was in the process of being moved to a new server with the domain name, This finally took place on July 3, 1999. has been in constant growth ever since. This is the Web's first attempt to bring together the technical aspects of hydrants along with historic preservation and enthusiast/collector interests.

Please follow the links to the various sections, check out the pictures, information, history and anything else that might be of interest. We welcome your comments, questions, and any feedback you have to offer. You can also be a part of it all by sending in your ideas, information, and photographs.

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